Stampin' Up Thailand Trip- Part 1: The Pineapple Tour
Stampin' Up Thailand Trip Part 3- Pineapple Tour (and a sneak peek)

Stampin' Up Thailand Trip Part 2 (China)- The Pineapple Tour

There so much more to tell about our whirlwind tour. I left off at the Great Wall of China in my last post. So, I will continue from there.

I almost forgot to show you our beautiful hotel where we stayed while in Beijing. It was once a Royal Palace and really beautiful inside.




We did do a night tour in Beijing when we arrived. We had a delayed flight, so we got to Beijing much later than planned, so we missed most of the tour. We did get see the worlds largest TV screen tho.


While this is not the greatest "selfie" with the tv screen, you get the picture as to how large it really is- 65,000 feet to be exact.


We drove down Ghost Street. Its called Ghost Street because all the restuarants on this street are open 24 hours a day. Its quite a lively and colorful street, with some of the best food in Beijing.



We were suppose to see the Birds Nest lit up at night, but they turn out the lights at 10 pm and we missed it. The Birds Nest is the venue where to 2008 Beijing Olympics were held. Here's a photo of it in the day time. It really is an amazing piece of architecture.


Beijing is a city that is rich in ancient history, but also so very modern. The buildings we saw were modern-day works of art.

This is the CCTV Tower which is one of tallest structures in the city. Its 768 ft tall and has an opening in the middle. How cool is that?


We strolled through the night market where there was everything from chopsticks to chocolate covered bugs.



There were even bugs without chocolate and of course these yummy live scorpions. ... Maci actually has a video of someone eating one of these scorpions... yuck!


They were even selling deep fried starfish. Now, if that doesn't make your mouth water, I don't know what will.


No, we didn't have any of these "delicacies" but we did have a great authentic Chinese meal and I even learned to use chopsticks!


Well, I'm pretty sure that Maci thinks I need a little more practice...


We also walked the more modern shopping street known as Wangfujing. It reminded me of Times Square. Lots of billboards, lights and open space to walk, sit and dine.


There were Military Police everywhere. We even got asked for our passports while walking down the street.


Next, we visited Tiananmen Square. One of the largest public squares in the World. Its said to hold up to 1 million people. This is the site of several important events in Chinese history.


Giant hedges in Tiananmen Square- check out the size of the hedges in relation to the cars on the street.



And at night


There's so much more and I haven't even touched on Thailand yet!

Stayed tuned for more to come this week.

I'll leave you with a few awesome swap boards from the Stampin Up inspiration room in Thailand.



Until the next time...

Keep on Stampin' and Come back again soon!