Celebrating $600,000 in Personal Sales with Stampin' Up!

Stampin' Up! On Stage Convention- Wrapping it Up

One last post about my trip to SLC and the Stampin' Up! On Stage Convention.

There was so much to see and do over the 7 days that I was in SLC. So many friends to see and spend time with, so much to learn and many friends and accomplishments to celebrate.

First stop after I landed was a Diners Drive-Ins and Dives place called the Blue Plate Diner.


It was early morning, so I had the Veggie Omlet- it was as big as my head!


Next, it was off to the Salt Palace Convention Center for rehearsal and hanging with the SU staff backstage. It was so much fun and really helped me relax before my live presentation.


Shelli Gardner- Co Founder of Stampin' Up! and Sara Douglass- CEO,  with Janna the fabulous make-up Artist, and Marlee their assistant, prepping backstage.

 Making a back-up video, just in case..


The night before the kick off of Convention, my friends, Cindy, Linda and I had a Premiere Kick Off Party to celebrate our teams. The theme was "Apple of My Eye" because our girls definitely are that!


Here they all are at our cute apple themed table.


Our demonstrators friends from Hawaii, are ready for the Opening Session of Convention. Don't Martha, Cindy and Zeny look awesome in their matching Hawaiian shirts?


It's so fun to get to see friends that we don't see often. This is our friend Dawn from Michigan.

 A live band, balloons and confetti to get the crowd going!


There was a special dinner for Silver Elites and above that night and a  dueling piano show that was so fun and hilarious!


It was a great black and white affair at the Grand America Hotel.


My presentation was the following morning.


Next was our Advisory Board Alumni Dinner at Gracies in SLC. I celebrated with my Advisory Board sisters from both years that I served, and all of the other Alumni over the past 25 years.

My AB sisters Cindy and Linda...


and Lisa and Robyn.


Our final day. Its so much fun when my bestie, Raelene, is part of my team.

My #1 Stampers Team, rocks! Raelene, Me, Connie, Kathy, Kristi and Alyssa, representing Pittsburgh, PA!


My friends, Cindy, Linda and I celebrated our Sales Milestones that day. We all reached our goals of $500,000, $600,000 and $1 million in personal career sales, respectively.


That evening we celebrated, "Million Dollar Linda" with a surprise dinner at the amazing Roof Restuarant in SLC.



Lest not forget, one of the best parts of Convention are the Sample Boards. Here's just a few:




And the NEW In Colors: 2016-2017- they are gorgeous!


Whew, well I think that wraps it up in a nut shell. I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of what happens at the Stampin' Up Convention. Maybe one day, you too, will join me as part of my #1 Stampers team.

Until the next time...

Keep on Stampin' and Come back again soon!


Perfect timing... and a Special Thank You

I mentioned last week that I reached a Personal Sales Milestone with Stampin' Up and that my Stampin' Up! team surprised me with a cake and celebration at our meeting.

Well, today it was officially "official" because I received my pin and congratulatory letter in the mail.

Talk about "happy mail"... perfect timing!


One stone for every $100,000. So pretty.


So, as I reflect on the past 18 years and I sit here typing this... I'm thinking about what $600,000 in personal sales, really means.

It means that I love my job, and I love what I do. It means hard work and dedication.

However, it means much more than that to me. As I look back on the past 18 years, I think about the time that zero people showed up for a workshop and I was still nursing and didn't want to leave my baby, even if it were only for two hours. I remember crying the whole way home and asking myself why I was doing this.
I remember telling myself that I do this because I love it, and I love sharing it with others... and I'm going to keep going. I wanted to contribute to our income as we had three little ones at home and things were a little tight. I wanted to help my family and I wasn't giving up.

I also remember stamping with my kids and how they loved to get the stamps out and make cards for daddy and nanny and pappy and each other. I remember coming home from stamping events and how my children had stamped handmade cards to welcome me home. They were so proud of their cards and often the cards were stamped on all four sides, covered with every color of the rainbow.

I remember workshops that people made comments about not wanting to stamp, but once they got that stamp in their hands and they created a handmade card, their eyes lit up with pride. " I can't believe I made this." The excitement on their faces, reminded me that something as simple as stamping can make a difference.

In the past 18 years there have been many highs and lows. I've achieved more than I ever thought I could or would with Stampin' Up!

But I've also had to step back at times to balance my life and take care of my family when I felt I needed to focus more on them. And most recently, as many of you know, I had to step back almost completely as I battled breast cancer in the past couple of years.

I am so thankful for so many years with Stampin' Up! I have become friends with 100's of demonstrators from across the country. Especially my friendships with a couple of special demonstrators that I count as dear friends and one of my best friends. These women have loved and supported me in good times and more importantly the not so good times, over the years.

I am forever grateful for the love and support of my family and friends who have known me way before stamping. You all have been an integral part of keeping me motivated and cheering me on. You are the people who I can count on and who love me unconditionally. I'm am so very blessed.

I appreciate my team who may have been customers at one time and are now part of my downline family. I'm blessed with such an amazing group of women. I feel especially grateful for your support, and for sticking by me these last few difficult years.

I've always been grateful and blessed with wonderful customers, who I adore and appreciate. You, my loyal, and supportive customers, are who I owe so much of my success to. You have been there for me, attending events, having parties and workshops, sending me orders, lifting me up and applauding my success in the business that I love. It gives me the greatest joy to have met so many wonderful people in my journey with Stampin' Up! Some of you have been with me from the very beginning, some of you I've known for several years and some of you I've met just recently. You have all been so good to me. I'm  forever grateful for your friendship, loyalty and support.

It really and truly has always been about the relationships. These moments in time and these special relationships are what $600,000 means to me. In fact these relationships are worth so much more than that. These relationships and this amazing journey is worth more than anything money can buy.

I count you all as my many blessings from God. Thank you for supporting me in my Stampin' Up! business and in my life. I appreciate you more than you know.

I will end this novel with 600,000 kisses and one million hugs.

Thank you all, for all that you do.

Much Love.... Kim


Stampin' Up! Meeting: #1 Stampers had something up theirs sleeves...

I always look forward to gathering with my team for our bi-monthly meetings. Its one of my most favorite things about being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. I get to spend time with people who love what they do and have fun doing it.

Tonight was extra special- even though I had no idea it would be. The girls surprised me with a cake to celebrate my $600,000 personal sales milestone with Stampin' Up! Not only a cake but beautiful handstamped cards and gifts too.

I was totally surprised. When they brought in the cake, I actually thought is was someone's birthday and they forgot to tell me.

How sweet is this?!


I was blown away by these gorgeous cards! 


Left: Made by- Raelene Ellenberger, Top: Made by: Kathy Sullivan, Right: Made by Lori Wiest and Middle: Made by Tonya Beatty. Thanks ladies, your talent amazes me and I am so blessed by these beautiful cards.

After the celebration we got down to business (and stamping) This is one of the projects we made. This bright and sassy Make N Take was designed by Sue Brennan. I am diggin' the paper piercing and bright sunny colors of this card.


Kathy, Amy, Elaine, Kristi and Mary Ann. Having a great time chatting, stamping and swapping...


Sue prepping for her make n take as Ronnie observes.


Darlene and Sheila discussing stamping strategies.


Darlene Nanni demonstrated this stunning sponging technique. The colors she choose blended beautifully together. We all ooh'd and awed as Darlene sponged her way to sunset perfection.

Here are a couple of happy stampers, Lori Wiest and Sue Errera showing off some of their fabulous swaps from tonight.


What a great night we had. Thanks to all of my #1 Stampers who always make our meetings fun and memorable. Love you guys!

Until the next time...

Keep on Stampin' and Come back again soon!