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Stampin with Linda Part 2- Christmas Ornament Crafting fun!

As promised, I am going to share the Christmas ornament project that I took to Lindas house this week.

I was so happy that I had something that Linda had never done before. Its tough to come up with a project that Linda hasn't already created or taught. Because, like I mentioned she knows everything about every technique,  fold and layout there is to know in the stamping world. You can check out Linda's blog, to see what I mean.

So, I was tickled pink that I actually brought a project that she was giddy about.

We made a pinecone paper craft ornament. It was so fun and it turned out beautifully.


The base is a styrofoam egg shaped ball. I got these from a local craft store. I then cut 1 full sheet of  12 x 12 Stampin Up Home for Christmas, designer series paper.

Cut the paper in 12 (1" x 12") strips. Then cut each strip into (1") pieces. Next you will fold the tip of each piece to form a point, as you see here:


Start attaching these pieces from the bottom of the egg with small pins, like so. Do the first two pieces across from each other with points touching and the second two pieces the same way (the points won't touch on these two). You will have four pieces at the bottom to start. Next, you are going to continue to go around the egg, attaching with pins.


You will overlap, then underlap and repeat. I guess I should have held this with the points facing down, as that is the way you will be starting to pin. (just turn your computer upside down ;)


I topped it off with ribbon and an Stampin Up Antique brad. I cut 4 pieces of the gold satin ribbon at 5" each and 1 piece of the gold satin ribbon at 8". Loop the 8" piece on top first and secure with pins. Then loop the other 4 pieces of 5" ribbon to form a four point bow on top of where you pinned the 8" piece in place. I cut the prongs off of the brad and attached it over the top of the ribbon to cover the ends and the pins. I used tear tape to cover the back of the brad, but you could also use hot glue.

Here's the one I made and the one Linda made:


Linda thought they would look good as a pair of earrings on me.


And she thought that she might like to wear hers on her face..

I told you she was a blast to hang out with. Funny girl... love you Linda!

Until the next adventure in stamping...

Keep on Stampin' and Come back again soon!



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