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Early Release- Carols of Christmas.

I have another Christmas card to share today, from the Carols of Christmas bundle. This set will be in the Holiday Catalog next month, but its available for early purchase NOW.


I used soft sky and tranquil tide inks and cardstock, as well as dazzling diamonds glimmer paper to create this sparkly Christmas card.


I love how these two unconventional Christmas colors, compliment each other.

Be sure to order your bundle this month- its never too early to start planning your Christmas cards!

Thanks for stopping by.

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Card Class and a Coffee Cafe Card

I've been wanting to post about my fun Card Class a week or so ago, but I didn't get time to do it with all the Thailand trip posts that I was working on this past week.

Well, I finally am able to post our card class fun and a cute card that everyone made from the Coffee Cafe stamp set and coordinating framelits.

I think this card was one of the favorites. Everyone loves coffee, don't they?


How cute are these two? Jackie and Deb are checking out all the great card samples that I have on display during class.


Here's a close up of the Coffee Cafe card: I will post the supplies used, at the end of this post.


I made up a bunch of cello bags with tags made from the "A Little Wild" stamp set. Inside were cute Thailand elephant magnets and some candy from both China and Thailand, for all the ladies at card class!


I think Deb liked her gift :)


Kennedy, Liz and Sue were so funny- they were going balistic over the Coffee Cafe card- they loved it!

(I think I need a haircut)


I always have so much fun at card class with all these super adorable and fantastic people. I can't wait until the next one!

Until the next time....

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Stampin' Up Thailand Trip Part 5 & A new Holiday Catalog Christmas Card

This is my final post about our trip to Thailand. I have over 1,000 photos, so I could go on for a month or so, but I will wrap it up today. We left off with our visit to the temples in Phuket. So, I'll continue from there.

Here's a few more photos inside the temples. The temples were so ornate and decorated so beautifully inside and out.



Elaborate dragon stairway. Dragons symbolize power, strength and good luck for people who are worthy of it.


Respect for the Buddha


We also visited a cashew factory. Thailand is one of the largest exporters of cashews. We brought several bags of cashews home. They had flavors like bbq, sour cream and wasabi and they were delicious.


Back to the resort for pool and beach time...


Our resort was directly on the stunning Indian Ocean.


I think the girls read through 5 books each between reading at the pool, the beach and the airport layovers.



Did I mention that I love these boats? And how about that gorgeous water?


This is the Xana Beach Bar pool area. I loved that the chairs were placed in the water- this is where I liked to hang out.


Pool fun.


The infinity pool. The girls are relaxing on the over sized couches that were around the pool deck. I spent a lot of time on the lazy river that wound around the resort. Unfortunatley I don't have a photo of it.


We all had traditional Thai massages. Oh my, it was wonderful. They really do stretch the muscles, but we felt so good afterward. I wish I knew where I could get a Thai massage in my area. I would do it on a regular basis! This is the Sukko Spa in Phuket.


Here's a photo of my cute little masseuse.


After each massage (we had a we were served Thai tea and exotic fruit.


We visited Phuket Town and even sent postcards from the cute little pink post office. We sent one to ourselves as well, but we haven't received them yet. Wonder if we will ever get them?


Street art in Old Phuket town.


There were lots of shopping opportunities. We took a trip to Patong Beach, where they had an ultra modern mall as well as local vendors along the streets.

Here we are riding the bus to Patong Beach. We rode the bus a lot... the girls got a real chuckle whenever the tour guides would tell us to board the bus- they don't pronounce the letter "s" as well as we do, so they were always telling us to get on the "butt" or asking us our "butt" number. lol


Patong Beach selfie.


Jungceylon Mall in Patong Beach, Thailand


The mall at night and the multi-colored fountains.


Once again, the girls had to have Thai tea... this time it was Thai "iced" tea... they really like getting their pictures taken drinking various beverages. lol


And here they are drinking coconut milk...


Everyone rides scooters. They were everywhere.


Yes- we ate street food! These are Thai pancakes- called "Roti." They were much like crepes and filled with fruit.


We saw this Tsunami Zone sign on the way back to the resort... they say when the elephants head to the hills, there is a storm brewing...


We also shopped at the little villiage in our resort.


All around the resort there were Stampin' Up banners and signs. It was definitely apparent that the Stampin' Up! girls were in town... approx. 300 of us from 6 different countries (and our guests!)



Set up for movie night.


These name plaques hung on all the trip achievers rooms. This is perfect to hang on my stamp room door at home.


Even the fruit had the Stampin' Up logo. Believe it or not, the plastic drink cups at the resort had the SU logo too!


The final event was a huge dinner and entertainment event hosted by Stampin' Up at the Blue Elephant in Phuket.

We were greeted with applause by the Stampin' Up Executive team and staff as we entered the venue. There were Thai dancers, chefs, crafters, elephants, a band and a gigantic buffet dinner cooked by the Blue Elephant culinary chefs, waiting inside for us.


More delicious tropical fruit drinks for us as we entered the enormous white tent.


They handed us these magnificent jasmine and rose bracelets. The scent was divine.


The tent was gorgeous and the tables were decorated with elephant table cloths, golden bamboo utensils and beautiful centerpieces. I wonder how they washed all the dishes, silverware and glasses... thats a lot of dish soap!


The Blue Elephant Mansion and Culinary School all lit up this evening.





Pretty hand painted parasols.


Everything looked so beautiful- the colors and the food as well as all the native crafts were a sight to see.


These chefs were delighted to have their photo taken. When they saw me with my camera, the head chef summoned the others for a group photo. So cute.


Some of the delicious Thai food that we were served. I ate chicken satay on a regular basis (seen below on the skewers). Pad Thai was Maci's favorite.


More majestic elephants to greet us.



Maci and Megan are considered tall in their own country, let alone Thailand.


The girls volunteered to hop up on stage and learn a popular Thai dance.




They were splitting coconuts for us and we got to drink coconut milk straight from the coconut. .. (not my best look.. unlike the girls, I don't prefer to have photos of myself eating or drinking)


Not sure what these little characters represent, but they were cute.


As we left the event, we were handed this gold elephant necklace. I love this! I didn't even get a chance to mention all of the awesome pillow gifts we received each night when we returned to our room. We are definitely spoiled on these incentive trips!


The Blue Elephant Culinary School looked so beautiful all lit up. We were able to tour the inside as well. The Blue Elephant is among the best cooking schools and restaurants in Thailand.


Back at the hotel was this pillow gift waiting for me. This was the last pillow gift of the week. Its a hand painted porcelain vase. I really miss getting a gift on my pillow each night.


A few photos of our resort.


A lounge and drink area.


So fun to see banana trees.


The swim up pool bar.

Lit up at in the evening.


There were little walking bridges everywhere, because the pool was built through the entire resort.


This is another exotic food favorite of Maci, Megan and Tracy ( I didn't try it).. pineapple rice. It came served inside a pineapple. We had this at a local restuarant in town called, Simmy.


Stampin' Up also had a hospitality room where we could go everyday and get candy, snacks and drinks. We also got to play games and win prizes each day. Here are some of the snacks they had for us before we left.




One last photo of the girls drinking tropical drinks... I told you they like getting their picture taken drinking things..can you see the SU Thailand logo on the cups?


This is a photo of all the gifts I received from Stampin' Up during the trip.


It was the most incredible trip ever! I'm so thankful for all of my amazing customers and supportive downline as well as my family. Without you guys, this wouldn't be possible. Of course, thankful for Stampin' Up! too.

We were sad to be leaving this beautiful place... well, three of us were sad.


Of course we had to purchase elephant pants in Thailand for the trip home.


From the time we left the hotel until the time we stepped in our front door, it was a whopping 48 hrs travel time. The girls are chilling at the airport before the last leg of our flight. Thats Maci's little yellow "blankie" under her head. I made that for her before she was born. She takes it EVERYWHERE... and now its been to China and Thailand. lol


As promised, I have a beautiful Christmas card to share with you, made from a stamp set in the new Holiday Catalog. The Holiday Catalog debuts on September 1st, however this set is available to you for early purchase! Its called Carols of Christmas and can be bundled with the coordinating framelit set, Card Builder Framelits for 10% off. Click on product photos below to order.

I used silver glimmer paper, soft sky and smoky slate cardstock as well as the white satin ribbon with silver trim. Its so stunning in person!




Thank you for following our amazing travel journey. I hope you enjoyed "traveling" along with us.

Until the next time...

Keep on Stampin' and Come back again soon!

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Stampin' Up Thailand Trip Part 4- Phuket & a Sneak Peek from the Holiday Catalog

We are finally in Thailand. I was hoping to get everything in on this post. We packed each day full of adventures.  I was going to try to finish it up today.... but I think its going to need one more blog post to finish it up. So look for #5 later this week.

I left off with us snorkeling in the Phi Phi Islands. The next day we took more speed boats to Phang Nga Bay. It was overcast, but still as hot as can be. We had a delicious breakfast buffet as we did every morning- and the girls had their Thai tea, which was their favorite morning beverage. After breakfast we left the hotel lobby and drove to the docks to pick up our speed boat.

Thai tea each morning.


One of the gorgeous hotel lobbies.


Speeding, full throttle (for an hour straight) across the Indian Ocean.



We saw the famous James Bond Island where the movie Gold Finger was filmed. The island just pops straight up out of the water. The sun wasn't shining so the pictures are as vibrant as they could have been.


We then had a guide on our canoe that rowed us through the caves and coves on Phang Nga Bay. It was so cool and we didn't even have to do any paddling.



We also saw the Viking Caves, they got the name from the prehistoric drawings inside the cave. Tourists are no longer able to tour the inside, as this cave is now privately owned by a business. These caves are where a species of birds live, called swifts. The birds make their nests out of their own saliva. The nests are harvested and sold to make birds nest soup, a Chinese delicacy. The edible birds nests are among the most expensive animal product consumed by man. Workers risk their lives climbing on the rickety wooden ladders to gather the nests. Our tour guide told us that the soup costs about $1,000.00 a kilogram, which is about equal to a quart. We saw it in a shop and it looks just like gross boogers and flem. YUCK.


Stampin' Up had a barbeque planned for us after the canoe trip and the girls found a fun swing to play on.



We also walked through the floating Muslim villiage that is built directly on the water. It is accessible only by boat. The villiage has held up through Thailands monsoons for over 200 years. It is built entirely on stilts in the water and approximately 1600 people live here. They have a school and even a soccer field.



This was one of the school rooms. When the childern reach high school age they are taken by boat to a school in Malaysia.


The next day we toured Phuket. The Big Budda was our first stop. The Thai people built this giant Budda on the highest point in Phuket. The reason they built it, is to protect their island. Phuket was in the path of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. It was one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.


The Big Budda is also a temple. Women must cover their knees and shoulders when entering any temples.


Here's an interesting fact. Steve Jobs actually considered becoming a Buddist monk. Hmmm... imagine what that would have meant for the company we all know as Apple...


We then toured a rubber tree farm, saw monkeys, learned how they harvest rice and rode on a water buffalo cart!



We were told it takes a special skill to separate the rice from the hull as this woman is doing.


Water Buffalo are found in Asia and South America. I can't say we've ever ridden a water buffalo cart ever before. It was quite the experience. These animals are so strong! They are used for pulling and plowing rice fields.


We stopped to see a baby elephant and we all got to feed him and his mama. They were so happy, that they gave us all kisses to thank us.




Its not unusual to see elephant crossing signs along the roads in Thailand. Its kind of like seeing deer crossing signs here in Pennsylvania. We actually did see 7 elephants crossing the road on our way into Patong Beach. What a sight to see!


We visited two more temples. The main temple of Wat Chalong and the Grand Pagoda of Wat Chalong, which is considered the most important temple in Phuket. It is said to hold an actual bone splinter of the Budda. In addition to the dress code for women, shoes are never to be worn in a temple.



A peek inside at all the budda statues and altar.



We were permitted to take photos inside as well. I found it fascinating to learn about the Thai culture and religion. These people were presenting offerings to the monks.


Later that evening, we had an amazing Thai dinner back at the resort and I had a little get together with the Stampin' Up Advisory Board Alumni girls.


My amazing Stampin' Up Advisory Board sisters... can you find me in the crowd?


I'll leave you with a sneak peek from the Holiday Catalog as promised and a few more swap boards from the trip.




Until the next time...

Keep on Stampin' and Come back again soon!


Stampin' Up Thailand Trip Part 3- Pineapple Tour (and a sneak peek)

The last post had me still in China and I could go on and on about all the other things we did while we were there, but I will just briefly list a few of the other things we did and then move on to the main reason we are on this trip- The Stampin' Up! Incentive trip to Thailand, of course.

We finished off our visit to China with a stop at a mall and ate some delicious dumplings. I'm a little bit of a picky eater, but I must say I did enjoy our Chinese food.

One thing that our tour guide told us is that Chinese people will push and cut in line, and that its "ok" because that is just what they do. And let me just say, he was not kidding. If we were standing in any sort of line, at any place at all, there was a 100% chance that people would come up and cut right in front of us. Not just one person, but they brought the whole family with them as well. That does not happen in the good old US of A- at least when it does, they get sent to the back of the line. I have to say that is one thing I don't miss about China at all. Lol.


We also visited the Summer Palace. It is the largest Royal Park in China, built in 1750. It is said to be the best preserved imperial garden in the world. It was basically a playground for Emperors. The architecture is stunning. We saw so many gorgeous buildings and ancient paintings on our tour.


The locals all walk around with umbrellas on hot days. Everywhere- on tours, on the streets, everywhere- they have umbrellas and coats and hats... on 98 degree days...


One of our final stops was the Forbidden City. Legend is that it has 9999.5 rooms, but we found out that it really "only" has about 8700 rooms and if you were to visit each room for 1 hour it would take you 22 years to see it all. Construction started in 1406 with an estimated one million laborers who helped build the Forbidden City. It is the largest ancient palace in the entire world.
We met up with my friend Linda who is also a Stampin' Up demonstrator, and her friend Jody. They traveled with us on our way to Thailand.

Next stop, Phuket, Thailand (pronounced Poo- Ket) The girls were giddy as they plopped down on an oversized sofa in one of the hotel lobbies.


Stampin' Up! Welcome signs and banners were everywhere. We had the entire resort to ourselves!



First stop when we arrived was the spa. Best decision ever-especially after our long flights.


Our Welcome Basket. Mangosteens are yummy, even though they look like garlic pods inside. And of course these were the best Mangos we've ever eaten. The dragonfruit was so pretty, but it really didn't have much of a taste.


We had a shopping tour after our massages and the next day we took speed boats to the Phi Phi Islands (pronounced Pee Pee) to snorkel.



This is Maya Bay where Leonardo DeCaprio filmed "The Beach." The whole bay is one big reef. It was great snorkling there.


It was fun to see the long boats everywhere in Thailand.



The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful.



Theres lots more to share, but I will leave you with a sneak peek of a couple cards we made with new products in the upcoming Holdiay Catalog.



Until the next time...

Keep on Stampin' and Come back again soon!

Stampin' Up Thailand Trip Part 2 (China)- The Pineapple Tour

There so much more to tell about our whirlwind tour. I left off at the Great Wall of China in my last post. So, I will continue from there.

I almost forgot to show you our beautiful hotel where we stayed while in Beijing. It was once a Royal Palace and really beautiful inside.




We did do a night tour in Beijing when we arrived. We had a delayed flight, so we got to Beijing much later than planned, so we missed most of the tour. We did get see the worlds largest TV screen tho.


While this is not the greatest "selfie" with the tv screen, you get the picture as to how large it really is- 65,000 feet to be exact.


We drove down Ghost Street. Its called Ghost Street because all the restuarants on this street are open 24 hours a day. Its quite a lively and colorful street, with some of the best food in Beijing.



We were suppose to see the Birds Nest lit up at night, but they turn out the lights at 10 pm and we missed it. The Birds Nest is the venue where to 2008 Beijing Olympics were held. Here's a photo of it in the day time. It really is an amazing piece of architecture.


Beijing is a city that is rich in ancient history, but also so very modern. The buildings we saw were modern-day works of art.

This is the CCTV Tower which is one of tallest structures in the city. Its 768 ft tall and has an opening in the middle. How cool is that?


We strolled through the night market where there was everything from chopsticks to chocolate covered bugs.



There were even bugs without chocolate and of course these yummy live scorpions. ... Maci actually has a video of someone eating one of these scorpions... yuck!


They were even selling deep fried starfish. Now, if that doesn't make your mouth water, I don't know what will.


No, we didn't have any of these "delicacies" but we did have a great authentic Chinese meal and I even learned to use chopsticks!


Well, I'm pretty sure that Maci thinks I need a little more practice...


We also walked the more modern shopping street known as Wangfujing. It reminded me of Times Square. Lots of billboards, lights and open space to walk, sit and dine.


There were Military Police everywhere. We even got asked for our passports while walking down the street.


Next, we visited Tiananmen Square. One of the largest public squares in the World. Its said to hold up to 1 million people. This is the site of several important events in Chinese history.


Giant hedges in Tiananmen Square- check out the size of the hedges in relation to the cars on the street.



And at night


There's so much more and I haven't even touched on Thailand yet!

Stayed tuned for more to come this week.

I'll leave you with a few awesome swap boards from the Stampin Up inspiration room in Thailand.



Until the next time...

Keep on Stampin' and Come back again soon!