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Stampin Up Incentive Trip 2018- Part 6: Seattle, Washington

I know this is long over due and I kind of forgot about it until recently. I want to finish up the last part of our Alaskan Cruise with our last day of our fabulous trip.

We ended our trip in Seattle, Washington. We had lots of sight seeing to do, so when we disembarked the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas at 7:00 am, we hit the ground running.

Our first stop was the Public Market. The famous sign was an exciting sight to see.


I took this photo later, after we had eaten breakfast, when the sun was a little higher and brighter.


Next, we stood in line at the very first Starbucks. It was early, so we got lucky and only had to wait about 20 minutes. Later that day, the line wait was nearly 3 hrs. Glad we got there when we did!


Ordering their drinks. There wasn't much "sit down" space at this location. Very cozy and small.


Worth the 20 minute wait to get a drink at the very first Starbucks!


Next stop, the big bubble gum machine to buy gum for the famous "Gum Wall."


The "Gum Wall" was pretty cool, but at the same time, pretty gross. Chase (the germophobe) wasn't happy about getting so close to the sticky wall.




Next it was off to ride the Great Wheel. This is the largest observation wheel on the west coast. Its 175 feet tall and each of the 42 enclosed gongolas holds up to 8 people. We were lucky and got on this ride early, so we had a gondola all to ourselves. What a great view from the top!


Even though Maci loves thrill rides, she's not fond of heights, so the 4 trips around were a little much for her, but she braved it out. Chase on the other hand is required to be able to work from extreme heights, so this was a baby ride for him.. lol.



Back down on the ground and strolling along the beautiful waterfront.



It was time for lunch and what better meal than seafood while we are in this waterfront city. You guessed it... crab legs again! These weren't the gigantic Alaskan King Crab legs that we had in Alaska, but they were still pretty darn tasty.


Our bellies were so full. I'm glad there was plenty of walking yet to do. In fact on this day we had over 22,000 steps in!

An authentic totem pole in Victor Steinbrueck Park. Victor Steinbrueck was a famous Seattle architect, and those are the Olympic Mountains in the background.


We also saw some amazing sculptures at the Olympic Sculpture Park.





Such a cool bronze sculpture over top the Seattle Monorail system.


An interesting human statue. He had to have been so hot in this painted outfit.


This is what we all have been waiting for... a trip to the top of the Seattle Space Needle. There was a line, which was about an hour and a half wait, in scorching 87 degrees weather, but well worth it in the end. The Space Needle had just undergone some major updating so we were one of the first to see it.


It opened in 1962 and stands 604 ft high. Remember Victor Steinbrueck? He was the Civil Engineer on this famous landmark.



She's smiling for the camera, however, when I asked her to stand on the bench- she declined immediately. I saw others standing on the glass benches for pictures and it looked as if they were floating up there. So cool.



We did more shopping and headed back to Pikes Place Market and the Waterfront where we saw the lovely Carousel.


I sure wish we had markets like this in my hometown.



We had a fabulous day in Seattle and saw all the things we wanted to see that day. I'd love to go back and see the mountains and parks someday as well.

Next stop, our hotel. We stayed at a Pineapple Hotel (how cool is that?) It was called Hotel 5- a super cute and super cool boutique hotel in Seattle. We decided to get dinner at our hotel and eat in our room. The food there was delish!


Check out these beds... the most comfy beds ever!


Chase was happy to see his bed... he didn't even take his shoes off. It looked way too inviting to waste time taking them off.

I highly recommend a trip to this fun city. So much to see and do. This hotel was pretty amazing too!


So that's (finally) the conclusion of our Alaskan Cruise/ Seattle trip. I hope you enjoyed seeing the wonderful cities that we were fortunate to explore.

No stamping this time.. but stay tuned for some great cards coming your way soon. I have tons to share!

Thanks for stopping by.

Until the next time...

Keep on Stampin' and Come back again soon!